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SNOO AVAILABLE TO HIRE NATIONWIDE! Collection points in Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown & Hastings, shipping available to all other NZ destinations.

Pre-Loved SNOO Bassinet

Are you dreaming of a well-rested night for both you and your wee one? Look no further than the renowned Snoo Bassinet, a game-changer in the realm of baby sleep. At Snoo Hire NZ, we understand the demand for this sleep sanctuary, and while we might not have them in stock at all times, we've got something special up our sleeves!


Second Hand Snoos, Reimagined:

We often get asked if we sell the Snoo, and though we don't generally keep them in stock, we go the extra mile to source a second-hand Snoo for you.  Each pre-loved Snoo undergoes a meticulous process – a full service, deep clean and sanitize, ensuring it's not just second-hand but second-to-none. 


After each hire, we take apart and clean our Snoos, and it's incredible the amount of dust (and other nasties!!) build up that's inside after just a few weeks.  Feel comforted knowing a pre-loved Snoo from Snoo Hire NZ is mechanically sound, and as clean as a brand new one.


What's in the Bundle:

😴 Pre-loved Snoo.

🛏️ Brand new mattress & waterproof mattress cover.

👶 1 loved but clean fitted sheet.

🌈 3 pre-loved Snoo Swaddles (S, M, L).


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