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SNOO AVAILABLE TO HIRE NATIONWIDE! Collection points in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown & Hastings, shipping available to all other NZ locations.

Giving Back - SNOO For All

SNOO For All


At Snoo Hire New Zealand, we're more than just a business; we're a social enterprise dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of families facing chronic health challenges. We understand that sleep is a precious commodity, especially when health issues are involved, and that's why we're on a mission to help.

Our flagship offering is the revolutionary SNOO bassinet, designed to provide infants with the safest and most soothing sleep environment. We believe every family deserves the opportunity to experience the benefits of the SNOO, regardless of their circumstances.

Here's how we make a difference:

SNOO For ALL: We offer families dealing with chronic health issues affecting their baby, older children, or a parent the chance to use a SNOO bassinet for free. We understand the unique challenges you face, and we're here to support you on your journey to better sleep.

Pay It Forward: For every SNOO hire, we provide a "Pay It Forward" option. This allows our valued customers to make a real impact by donating a week's usage of the SNOO to families who would benefit exponentially from using the SNOO, due to chronic heath issues. Your generosity helps us purchase additional SNOOs, ensuring that more families can access this invaluable resource.

By choosing Snoo Hire New Zealand to hire your SNOO, you're not just getting the best in baby sleep solutions; you're also becoming part of a community that cares. Together, we're changing lives one good night's sleep at a time.

Join us in our mission to provide comfort, rest, and support to families facing health challenges. Together, we can make every sleep count!

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