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ErgoPouch Tuck Sheet

ErgoPouch layering guide what to wear based on temperature


The Baby Tuck Sheet is a TOG-rated, safe alternative to blankets suitable from birth designed to minimise startle reflex and maximise sleep for newborns.  It can also be used in the Snoo Bassinet as an extra layer to keep your wee one warm during cooler months, if you are using the 0.5TOG Snoo Swaddle.


Some babies may need more than a swaddle for sleep, and require additional firmness and security around their body. If this is your bub, meet the Baby Tuck Sheet. A TOG-rated alternative to loose blankets, this firm-fitting mattress sleeve is safe, easy to use and flexible for different sleep environments.


Use over the top of a swaddle or layer to provide added warmth, security and comfort for an infant during sleep without the risk of coming untucked. The two TOG-rated sides allow you to adjust for warmth level and firmness. Use the 0.2 TOG side across your baby's body for a light layer and low startle reflex. If your baby requires a warmer layer with a more secure fit, opt to use the 1.0 TOG side over their body. Follow the included Bedding Temperature Guide for help on what TOG side to use, and what to wear underneath for sleep.


The Tuck Sheet features a two-way zip, to adjust for firmness (tightness) and mattress size.


The Baby Tuck Sheet has been stringently tested and approved as safe by leading independent infant safety organisation INPAA. When using the right size for your baby's length and sleep environment, the Baby Tuck Sheet will not come up higher than mid-way up baby's chest following Red Nose safe sleep guidelines. Given the design of the product, the Baby Tuck Sheet cannot become untucked from the mattress, be pulled up near baby's face, or be classified as loose bedding in any way. If your baby does manage to get their legs out of the Tuck Sheet, it will simply lie flat on the mattress. Newborns who don't like to be swaddled may find the firmness of the Tuck Sheet comforting in lieu of sleeping with their arms in.


🍃 Breathable Natural Fibres

🍃 Controls startle reflex

🍃 Non-toxic certified

🍃 Skin friendly

🍃 TOG rated for warmth and to work with existing layers

🍃 GOTS certified organic cotton

🍃 Bamboo Viscose

🍃 Super Stretchy

🍃 Adjustable fit

🍃 Keeps baby snug

🍃 Zip enclosure

🍃 Four-way zip

🍃 Machine washable

How to use

  1. Slip the Baby Tuck Sheet over the end of your baby's mattress. Choose the 0.2 TOG side up for a light feel and layer in warm rooms, or the 1.0 TOG side up for a firmer feel and warmer layer in moderate temperature rooms. Refer to our Bedding Temperature Guide (included in pack) for more information.
  2. Dress your baby in their sleepwear. We recommend a Layer (onesie), underneath a Swaddle Bag (arms in or out). Use our Bedding Temperature Guide to help you choose the right product combination and TOG.
  3. Unzip the Baby Tuck Sheet. Lay your baby under the open folds, with their feet touching the end of the cot / crib.
  4. Zip up the sheet, to the desired firmness. You should easily be able to zip up the sheet, and firmly fit two fingers between the sheet and your baby. Once zipped up, ensure the sheet does not come up higher than the middle of your baby's chest. If it is coming up higher, simply tuck more of the sheet under the mattress until the right length is achieved. As your child grows taller, continue to adjust.
  5. Unzip the sheet to remove baby from it.
  6. Discontinue use once your baby shows signs of rolling over

For a visual guide on how this all comes together check out ErgoPouch's How to Use the Baby Tuck Sheet Video

Materials & Care


1.0 TOG side: 55% Organic Cotton / 40% Bamboo Viscose / 5% Elastane
0.2 TOG side: 95% Organic Cotton / 5% Elastane


Gentle cold machine wash in mild detergent. Do not soak or bleach. Tumble Dry Low. Warm iron if required. Do not dry clean.

Size & Safety

Size - 44cm x 45cm


  • Ensure baby's feet are touching the end of the bassinet/cradle when in use, and the tuck sheet is positioned no higher than mid-way up baby's chest.
  • Do not use with more than one child inside the tuck sheet
  • Discontinue use once your baby shows signs of rolling over
  • It is recommended to sleep baby on back from birth
  • For use only with a bassinet or cradle mattress. The mattress that this product is used with should have a firm surface, soft bedding is not recommended
  • Do not modify the product
  • Do not overdress baby when using the Baby Tuck Sheet, to prevent overheating.
ErgoPouch layering guide what to wear based on temperature
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