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SNOO AVAILABLE TO HIRE NATIONWIDE! Collection points in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown & Hastings, shipping available to all other NZ locations.

ErgoPouch Tuck Sheet - HIRE - $25 for the duration of hire

$25 for the duration of your Snoo Hire

(deducted from your bond.  If not returned, or returned stained/damaged, the full replacement cost of $50 will be deducted).


The ErgoPouch tuck sheet is a firm-fitting mattress sleeve for newborns who are not rolling. Designed to be used over the top of a swaddle or sleeping bag, the Baby Tuck Sheet provides added security, comfort and warmth during sleep.


The Tuck Sheet is designed to complement your baby's TOG rated Swaddles and Layers for safe, secure and comfortable sleeping.  Made from our signature GOTS-certified organic cotton, and bamboo, the Baby Tuck Sheet is also non-toxic certified and oh-so-soft on baby's delicate skin. 


ErgoPouch want to assure parents that the Baby Tuck Sheet product has been through stringent testing trials, has been approved as safe by leading Australian infant safety group INPAA, and follows Red Nose guidelines for safe sleep.


Key safety points

  • The Baby Tuck Sheet has been stringently tested and approved as safe by leading Australian safety organisation INPAA.
  • The Baby Tuck Sheet is a firm-fitting mattress sleeve that follows Red Nose safe sleep guidelines for baby bedding.
  • The Baby Tuck Sheet is designed for newborns and babies, when the right size is used, the sheet cannot be pulled over a baby's head, become untucked from the mattress or be classified as loose bedding, in any way. 
  • The Baby Tuck Sheet is TOG-rated and light enough to work with the Snoo Sacks, but firm enough to provide added security and comfort to a newborn.

Who is the Baby Tuck Sheet for?

The Baby Tuck Sheet is for newborn babies, who are not yet rolling. The Baby Tuck Sheet is designed to provide extra comfort and security against startle reflex, to help give your baby the enclosed feel of being in the womb. 

We love the Baby Tuck Sheet because...

  • It's made from non-toxic certified organic cotton and bamboo, with a bit of elastane for stretch and to ensure comfort. The stretch will ensure full chest expansion when breathing.
  • The soft and organic fibres are healthier for your baby during sleep, ensuring no toxins against their porous newborn skin.  Our natural fibres are breathable to prevent overheating and are sustainably farmed and manufactured. The quality of our material makes our product long-lasting so you can use it for future kids, or hand down to family and friends.
  • It's TOG-rated, so it's easy to know how to layer your baby under and over the Snoo sack.  Being double-sided means you can add 0.5 or 1.0 TOG over the top of the Snoo sack, depending on the room temperature.
  • It's adjustable. The double zip on each side will allow you to customise the fit for your baby and mattress size, and strength of startle reflex.
  • It can't become untucked. The clever design (a sleeve that fits over both sides of the mattress) means that the sheet cannot be lifted high close to baby's head.

How to use the Baby Tuck Sheet

Three stages of newborn baby being tucked into bassinet under the ergoPouch Baby Tuck Sheet

  1. Slide the Baby Tuck Sheet onto the end of your baby's bassinet or cot mattress like a pillow slip, so it comes up both sides of the mattress and cannot be untucked.
  2. Choose the 0.2 TOG side up for a light layer, or the 1.0 TOG side up for more warmth. Though the primary purpose of the Baby Tuck Sheet is not for warmth, it's TOG rated to work with your existing layers.
  3. Dress your baby in their layers and Snoo sack underneath the Baby Tuck Sheet.  Follow the Layering Guide (next tab) which will tell you the combination of swaddle/layer TOGs to wear with your Baby Tuck Sheet, according to your room temperature. This will help ensure your baby does not overheat. Treat the Tuck Sheet as a 0.5 or 1 TOG layer - depending on which side is covering your baby.
  4. Unzip the Baby Tuck Sheet, and gently lay your baby under the open folds, clipping the Snoo sack onto the Snoo.
  5. Zip up the Baby Tuck Sheet. Two zips on the Tuck Sheet allow you to adjust firmness for fit, safety and comfort.  Choose the middle zip for a wider fit, or the outer zip for a firmer fit. You should easily be able to zip up the sheet, and firmly fit two fingers between the sheet and your baby.
  6. Once zipped up, the Baby Tuck Sheet should not come up higher than the middle of your baby's chest to follow Red Nose safe-sleep guidelines for baby bedding.
  7. To remove your baby from the Baby Tuck Sheet, simply unzip.

Layering Guide

TOG rating guide for swaddles, sleeping bags and pouches


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