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SNOO AVAILABLE TO HIRE NATIONWIDE! Collection points in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown & Hastings, shipping available to all other NZ locations.



What is the cost of renting the Snoo?


  • $90 for one week (7 days) of hire.
  • On commencement of your Snoo hire period, you will pay a two week non refundable deposit of $180.
  • Going forward, $90 will be charged to your card on a weekly basis to cover each additional week of hire. 
  • Your subscription will end once we have your SNOO back in our possession (or we have a notification from the courier that it has been picked up).


Can I extend my rental period while I have the SNOO at home?


Depending on availability of our Snoo’s it is entirely possible. We will check in with you before your rental period ends to see whether you would like to extend your rental. If you are seeing benefits with the Snoo and it isn’t booked in with another customer, then we can extend your rental period for as long as you would like.


Do you have a minimum hire period for renting the Snoo?


Yes, we have a non refundable minimum hire period is two weeks. The reason behind this is to ensure that we give your baby enough time to adjust to using the SNOO. When newborns start sleeping in the SNOO, it usually takes about 3-4 days to begin to see the benefits (less fussing and more sleep). Babies older than 6 weeks take a little longer and can typically see an adjustment period of 5-7 days.


Why is the bond $500?


As you have probably seen online - the SNOO is a very expensive purchase due to its amazing effectiveness, safety and technology! The SNOO retails for over NZ$2500 brand new.  We want to ensure that our SNOOs are maintained to a high standard and are taken very good care of. When we receive the SNOO back into our care, we will inspect the product and return your bond to you within 48 hours given there are no issues with the condition or functionality of the SNOO.


Do you have any SNOO's for sale?


This is the most common question we get!

If you are interested in purchasing a second hand SNOO - please email us at


How will the SNOO be delivered to me?


We would like to give parents in Auckland and Wellington the ability to have flexibility as we know that parenting requires so much of that!


  • We have 3 collection locations throughout Auckland; Clevedon, Howick & Whitford. You can chose to collect the SNOO from one of these 3 locations and then drop it off again when your rental period has ended.
  • Our collection and drop off location in Wellington is Churton Park.
  • If you are Auckland based, you can chose to have the SNOO delivered to your home, and then collected at the end of your rental for a small fee. The average cost of delivery/collection is $50 depending on your address.
  • If you are outside of Auckland and Wellington, the SNOO will be shipped to you - shipping will be calculated at the checkout.


How will I get the SNOO back to you?


  • If you are in Auckland, we will arrange for one of our team members to collect the SNOO from your home if you have paid the delivery fee OR you can drop the SNOO off to one of our three locations in Auckland.
  • If you are in Wellington, the SNOO will need to be brought back to our drop off location in Churton Park.
  • If you are outside of Auckland and Wellington and have had the SNOO shipped to you, please let us know when it is all packaged up and you are ready to have it collected, and we will send you a return shipping ticket to attach to the box.


Does the baby get used to the rocking of the SNOO? I am worried about the transition to a normal cot.


This is a really important question!


Babies come into the world loving the rocking, white noise and snug swaddle of the SNOO as this is all they have ever known in the womb! At some point (around approx. the 4 month mark) your baby might start to show signs of either rolling or outgrowing the SNOO which means the transition to the cot needs to happen.


The SNOO phone app allows the parent to put the SNOO into “weaning mode”. Weaning mode slows down the rocking motion until it eventually stops, keeping your baby stationary throughout the night. Weaning mode is typically used for approx. 1 week before putting your wee one into a normal cot.


Here is a post from Happiest Baby where Dr. Harvey Karp, the inventor of the SNOO explains the weaning mode feature; Weaning Mode


What happens if I have a problem with The Snoo while I am hiring it?


If you are having trouble working The Snoo or you need to do some troubleshooting – your best option is to go to where you will find a list of FAQs and troubleshooting questions/videos.


If you are still stuck please email us at or direct message us on our Instagram shop_snooze and we will help you as soon as possible so you can get the most out of your hireage.


Who will set the SNOO up for me?


The SNOO is extremely easy to set up at home and comes with an easy to follow instruction manual included. Otherwise, please follow the link for instructions on setting up the SNOO;


What comes included in the box?


The SNOO comes with everything you need to start using your Smart Sleeper; The SNOO bassinet, 4 Legs, Power Adapter, Power Cable Holder, 3 SNOO swaddles (Small, Medium & Large), a mattress with fitted sheet.


Leg lifters for babies struggling with reflux are available for a flat fee of $35 per hire and will be deducted from your bond at the end of your hire. Please get in touch with us if you would like to rent some leg lifters during your hire.'


Can I use the SNOO without a WIFI connection?


Yes, you can use SNOO without connecting to your wireless network however, you won’t be able to monitor and control SNOO remotely or track your baby's sleep habits / nap length etc.


How do you keep the SNOO's clean?


We want every parent to be confident and delighted with their SNOO- that’s why we take a lot of care to prepare each one. We put the SNOO's through a meticulous cleaning and disinfecting process before certifying that it is ready to be sent to a new family.


If we have not answered one of your questions – please email us on so we can help you out!

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