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SNOO AVAILABLE TO HIRE NATIONWIDE! Collection points in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown & Hastings, shipping available to all other NZ locations.

SNOO For ALL Programme - Hire Terms & Conditions

The Hirer agrees with the owners of Snoo Hire NZ as follows:

  1. Definitions:
  • “Hirer” (“client”, “user”, “you” or “your”) means the individual who is hiring the SNOO supplied by Snoo Hire NZ and accepts the Terms and Conditions (by checking the box that states that the customer accepts) of hiring the item. Customers must be older than 16 years of age.
  • “SNOO” (“Snoo) means the goods supplied by Snoo Hire NZ to the Hirer.
  • “Business Day” means any day of the week excluding Saturday, Sunday and New Zealand public holidays.
  • “Damage” (“damages”,”damaged”) means any damage including, but not limited to, a stain, mark, tear, discolouration/changes to original colour, faultiness, caused to the SNOO during the Hire Period, whilst in the possession of the Hirer.
  • “Pickup Date” means the date in which the Hirer receives / picks up / collects the SNOO from Snoo Hire NZ
  • “Hire Period” means the duration between the Pickup Date and Return Date.
  • “Hire Fee” means the cost to hire the SNOO for the Hire Period.
  • “Payment”/“Payment Card” means debit or credit card.
  • “Penalty Fee” means any amount owing for; stolen, missing or damaged SNOO and / or the SNOO being returned after the Return Date.
  • “Personal Details” means any personal information which include but is not limited to copy of driver’s license, passport or identification card, full name, date of birth, address, phone number, email and payment card details, which the Hirer has registered on our website -
  • “Return Date” means the date by which the Hirer physically returns / the courier returns the SNOO to Snoo Hire NZ.
  • “Third Party” means anyone other than Snoo Hire NZ and the Hirer – this includes, but is not limited to a friend, family member, acquaintance or unknown persons.

2. Agreement

  • An Agreement of Hire is formed once the Hirer accepts the Terms and Conditions and makes payment of the Hire Fee.
  • The Agreement of Hire subsequently binds the Hirer and Snoo Hire NZ to the accountability of the Terms and Conditions.
  • The agreement of hire is ceased once the item is returned.
  • The Hirer acknowledges that Snoo Hire NZ does not manufacture the SNOO Smart Sleeper nor any of its equipment and that they have made the selection of the equipment based upon their own research.
  • The Hirer acknowledges, agrees, and assumes full responsibility of the use of the product being hired.
  • The Hirer therefore agrees to use the product as recommended by manufacturer ‘Happiest Baby’ and abide by any and all manufacturer warnings, instructions and guidelines relating to the equipment and the use of the equipment, including but not limited to any and all manufacturer safety recommendations. All user manuals will be provided physically or digitally.
  • The Hirer further acknowledges that once they have taken possession of the equipment it becomes their job to keep the child safe.
  • The Hirer agrees that Snoo Hire NZ may terminate this agreement and recover possession of the equipment hired at any time.
  • The Hirer agrees that Snoo Hire NZ shall not be liable for any damage caused to any person or property from the rented equipment and/or the use thereof.e
  • Snoo Hire NZ will perform a pre-rental check of all equipment at the beginning of the hire period and at the time of pick up/delivery.

3. Orders and Payment

  • Snoo Hire NZ accepts hires from within New Zealand only.
  • All customers booking an item for hire are required to provide:
    • Name
    • Billing address
    • Delivery address
    • Payment method (there is a $0.01 charge)
    • After the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, the customer is directed to make payment of the hire fee via credit or debit card. The applicable $0.01 fee will be charged on the date the booking is made.
  • This credit / debit card will provide cover for the entire scope of the Terms and Conditions, including potential fees associated with damages, theft, late return and cancellations.
  • Snoo Hire NZ takes no responsibility for any associated fees issued by your financial institution.
  • All prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

4. Cancellation

  • Cancellations must be made by contacting Snoo Hire NZ in writing via email.
  • Snoo Hire NZ will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred to the customer as a result of cancelling the booking.

5. Damages

  • With all other SNOO Hires, a refundable $500 Bond is required in the case of damage that exceeds normal wear and tear and is not returned in a clean condition as received, including soling of the SNOO mesh. 
  • SNOO For All does not require a Bond to be taken, however the Hirer's card details will be kept on file should the SNOO not pass its return inspection after being out on hire.
  • Missing/damaged or destroyed SNOO accessories on return will result in a charge to the Hirer's card according to the value of the missing/damaged item.
    • SNOO leg lifters - $50
    • SNOO mattress - $50
    • SNOO power cable - $60
    • SNOO sleep sacks - $50 each
    • SNOO fitted sheet - $50 each
    • Box SNOO arrived in - $50
    • Box strap - $100
    • Shipping Bag SNOO arrived in - $400
  • If the item is returned with damages that exceeds normal wear and tear, Snoo Hire NZ reserves the right to bill the customer the cost of repairing the item by way of deducting this from the Bond refund.
  • A tax invoice will be emailed to the customer, billing any extra incurred costs. Snoo Hire NZ, will bill the nominated credit/debit card 24 hours after the issue of the tax invoice.
  • In the instance the credit card cannot be billed, Snoo Hire NZ will contact the Hirer to organise a suitable alternative, including a repayment plan.
  • The Hirer hereby authorises such charge(s) by continuing with the booking.

6. Stolen or Unreturned goods

  • In the event that the SNOO is stolen or unreturned, the Hirer will be responsible to repay Snoo Hire NZ the full replacement value of the item.
  • In assessing the replacement value, Snoo Hire NZ will take into account the condition of the item and the availability to re-purchase the item.
  • In the instance the credit card cannot be billed, Snoo Hire NZ will contact the customer to organise a suitable alternative, including a repayment plan.
  • Snoo Hire NZ reserves the right to pursue legal action and to pass on details of the customer to the Police and/or debt collection agency for prosecution.

7. Pickup/Delivery

  • Any pickup/delivery date given by Snoo Hire NZ to the Hirer is an estimate only. Snoo Hire NZ will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred to the customer as a result of pickup being late.
  • The Hirer is required to inspect the item within twenty-four (24) hours of pickup/delivery and inform Snoo Hire NZ of any damage or failure to comply with the expected standard of the item.

8. Returns

  • The return date is the final date of the booked period.
  • The return date is recorded when the Hirer returns the SNOO to Snoo Hire NZ.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to re-package the items as directed by Snoo Hire NZ return instructions. These instructions are:
    • Re-package the SNOO and all accessories and manuals in the original dust cover that was supplied on pickup.
  • Hire extensions cannot be guaranteed as the items may already be allocated to another party therefore it is recommended to determine hire period prior to booking. If you would simply like to extend your hire period, please contact Snoo Hire NZ as soon as possible.

9. Customer’s (the Hirer's) Responsibilities

  • The Customer shall:
    • Not hire the item to a third party.
    • Not leave the item in the care of a third party.
    • Notify Snoo Hire NZ of any damage, malfunction or loss to the item that occurs during the agreement as soon as possible.
    • Ensure that the item is not lost or stolen by themselves or a third party.
    • Not attempt to repair the SNOO themselves.
    • Return the item in accordance to Snoo Hire NZ’s re-packing instructions.
    • Return the item by the agreed return date.
    • Pay any penalty fees that are incurred over the course of the agreement.

10. Intellectual Property

  • Snoo Hire NZ's visual and promotional assets, including any graphics, logos, web design, button icons, photographs, video, images and software are the property of Snoo Hire NZ and protected by New Zealand and International copyright laws.
  • No material, not limited to the list above, should be reproduced without written consent from Snoo Hire NZ.

11. Indemnity

  • To the full extent permitted by law the Hirer releases, discharges and indemnifies the Owner from all claims and demands on the owner arising out of or consequent or misuse of the equipment during the hire period.

12. Insurance

  • The Owner will maintain current insurance policies in respect of the equipment to its full insurable value.

13. Title to goods

  • The Hirer acknowledges that the owner retains title to the equipment and that the Hirer has rights to use the equipment as lessee only. 

14. Repossession

  • The Owner may retake possession of the equipment if the Hirer breaches any provision of this agreement, notwithstanding anything else herein contained.
  • If repossession takes place, the Owner shall only charge the hire fee up to and including the time of repossession.
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